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Decision-support, modeling and optimization of energy systems

Artelys is an SME specializing in decision-support, modeling and optimization of energy systems, offering key actors of the energy sector efficient solutions to complex and strategic problems. In particular, Artelys has developed the Artelys Crystal City software, for the optimization of local energy strategies. Through a complete model of the local energy system, and the optimization at a fine time step of its productions and flexibilities, Artelys Crystal City offers a thorough support to local energy decision makers. 

Thanks to its spatialized and detailed modeling functionalities, Artelys Crystal City allows to consider and to quantify the impacts of structural modifications of the local energy system and of the deployment of innovative energy solutions, such as smart grids, load shedding, electric vehicles, energy storage,…

Artelys Crystal City is a three-in one tool:

  • A decision-support tool for the design of local energy strategies ;
  • A steering and follow-up tool for the implementation of the elected strategy ;
  • A collaborative tool to build the support of all stakeholders within the energy sector.

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