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Data and their applications

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On 17 and 18 October 2017, a new edition of the Inria-Industry Meetings (RII), on the theme "Data and their applications", will be taking place.

This meeting is focusing on data and their processing, by addressing a sub-theme per half-day.

Tuesday 17 October

They are the source of data: sensors, connected objects, wired and wireless networks. What are the challenges posed by the acquisition of ever-increasing quantities of heterogeneous data? Scaling up, interoperability and open standards, energy savings, network optimisation, maintenance in operational condition, guarantee of data quality: such are the obstacles addressed during this first session.

The exploitation of large volumes of data from the Internet of Things requires that its security be ensured in all its forms: whether it is to guarantee the protection of a competitive advantage or ensure user privacy, all aspects must be taken into account. Authentification, secure transmission, cryptographic protocols, intrusion detection, tattooing and marking are all techniques that contribute to giving people - and machines - vital confidence with regard to applications relying on these data; these techniques will be addressed during this second session.

Wednesday 18 October

The rapid development of artificial intelligence at the start of the 21st century is based on learning. The intelligence of artificial systems and robots is, from now on, built from large volumes of data of all kinds: company data for decision-making, image and video data for autonomous vehicles, word data for conversational agents, linked data for the semantic web, etc. Learning algorithms - and their optimisation, validation, implementation and interaction with users - are the first-class citizens of this new world, and make up the theme of this third session.

Applications of big data are all around us. Robots capture data and analyse them to see us, listen to us, obey us, move around, and perform operations. Data underlies the personalised medicine of tomorrow, capable of taking our individual and unique characteristics into account in order to adapt treatments. Autonomous vehicles learn by assimilating millions of driving situations. The recommendations we receive from networks are the result of the processing of hundreds of millions of online sessions. This final session looks at the applications that are, henceforth, all around us. 

Inria-Industry Meetings

For around twenty years, Inria has been organising Inria-Industry Meetings during which the institute presents its research and technology transfer activities aimed at businesses in a given sector.

The aim of these days is as much to make known Inria's work as it is to better understand industry needs in order to establish links between the two communities that may lead to new collaboration and technology transfer projects. 
The day is organised around demonstrations that apply to the sector concerned, carried out by Inria teams and SMEs partnered by or originating from Inria, and which are supplemented by themed conferences.

These Meetings are organised in partnership with a competitiveness cluster in the chosen sector, and in which Inria plays a key role, and they target businesses in the sector - first and foremost innovative small and medium-sized companies.