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Grenoble Traffic Lab

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Grenoble Traffic Lab (GTL) is an experimental platform for real-time collection of traffic data coming from a dense network of wireless sensors installed in the south ring of Grenoble, direction east-west from A41 to A480. 

The main components of GTL are: 130 magneto-resistive sensors over the 10.5 km two-lanes highway (26 collection points), a database and a show-room. Sensors provide macroscopic traffic measurements such as flow [veh./h], speed [km/h], occupancy [%]. They were put in place in collaboration with local traffic authorities (DIR-CE) and Karrus-ITS. The objective of the GTL is to collect dense data at high frequency. Data are intended for testing new traffic prediction algorithms, validating traffic mathematical models, and evaluating on-line traffic indexes. GTL Operation. GTL is operated by NeCS team (a joint Inria/GIPSA-Lab team-project supported by CNRS, Inria, INPG and UGA), in collaboration with DIR-CE at Grenoble. It is mainly devoted to experiments. Data is available under request but is not intended for commercial use.

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