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Cryptosense - Softwares to verify programs that use cryptography

Graham !steel - Startup Cryptosense Graham Steel - © Inria / G. Steel

On 2 July, the Cryptosense startup project, an Inria-led spin-off from the Prosecco research team, was awarded a prize by OSEO and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research at the 15th national competition to support the creation of innovative technology firms.

The prize received was in the "Creation and Development" category, which rewards candidates that have already proven the viability of their project.

Cryptosense’s aim is to develop and distribute security testing software for cryptography systems such as ATM networks or the encrypted data backup systems often used by businesses. It is an extension of the research conducted by the Prosecco project team at the Inria Paris-Rocquencourt centre. Graham Steel, a research scientist in that team and the founder of the startup Cryptosense, tells us a little more about it:

On what aspect of the Prosecco team's research is the Cryptosense project based?

Prosecco devotes its research work to formal security analysis. In other words, it’s about checking the reliability and robustness of the cryptography systems that are likely to be used for various purposes. This work is mainly done by developing reverse-engineering algorithms and model-checking algorithms. Cryptosense will use these checking systems and develop more robust and marketable versions of them. A prototype version called Tookan is already being used by a major international bank.

What possibilities does this prize open up for the project?

This prize gives us recognition from a highly reputable source. It will really raise our profile and so will probably open up markets for us or make it easier for us to get grants. In addition, the substantial funding that comes with the prize will allow us to hire young researchers and so get the project to the operational stage more quickly. So if anyone’s interested in joining us, now is the time to get in touch…

The Creation and Development  prize and Cryptosense

The prize awarded to Cryptosense is part of the Creation and Development  category, which rewards projects that create innovative businesses with a €250,000 prize. It rewards the entrepreneurial credibility of a project (business plan, intellectual property protection strategy, etc.) as well as the quality of the team behind it. It will be a key factor in the development of the startup - a mark of recognition that will really raise its profile.

Cryptosense is supported by Inria, in particular through IT-translation.

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