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Ambientic - Ambient Intelligence for nomadic communities

Développement d'applications pour les réseaux de capteurs sans fil avec l’environnement Srijan - En arrière plan, Iraklis Leontiadis, ingénieur au sein de l'équipe ARLES.

The Ambientic project, led by the ARLES project-team, received the Oséo prize in the “Development/Creation" category. The official creation of the Ambientic company should be announced in the coming months.

What does the AMBIENTIC project involve?

AMBIENTIC exploits the enhanced capabilities of mobile terminals, together with changes in their use, to market new cooperative mobile application services for business. These services are based on the innovative iBICOOP middleware technology developed through the research conducted by the ARLES project-team at the Inria Paris-Rocquencourt research centre, which enables various mobile terminals to interoperate efficiently via the various accessible networks.

AMBIENTIC is initially targeting the events management market. Through the U-EVENT service suite, AMBIENTIC aims to simplify exchanges of content during events, facilitate networking and interactions between participants and exhibitors, and provide pertinent information at the right time.

AMBIENTIC's ambition is to be recognised as the number 1 player in the mobile services market for events management. Eventually, AMBIENTIC will extend its activity to international markets, but also to other activity sectors in which there is a critical need for users to cooperate when on the move.

What will the Oséo Development/Creation prize bring?

The Oséo prize will allow AMBIENTIC to develop more quickly, giving us the necessary resources to finalise our developments around the U-EVENT suite and the underlying iBICOOP middleware and, in particular, to make our product available on the majority of mobile platforms and move it onto a different scale.

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