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Design, Optimization and Control in Systems and Synthetic Biology

  • Date : 12/11/2015 to 13/11/2015
  • Place : ENS Paris
  • Organiser(s) : Pascal Hersen, Denis Thieffry et Gregory Batt

Quantitative systems biology  aims at obtaining a quantitative understanding of the functioning of biological systems at the cellular and tissue levels. This understanding can then be used to design and build novel useful biological systems, which is the main aim of synthetic biology .

These approaches heavily rely on the combination of experimental  andcomputational  methods. Experimental methods are needed to construct novel systems, and to perturb, observe, and more recently, control existing ones. Computational methods are needed to learn from data and test our understanding, and to guide system optimization and experiment selection.

The objective of the DOC'15 conference is to present exciting results for which a tight integration of experimental and computational methods has been instrumental, and gather leading experts on this interdisciplinary field in fast development.

La liste des orateurs invités inclue

  • David Bikard (Pasteur Institute): Studying and fighting pathogenic bacteria with the help of CRISPR
  • Vincent Danos (ENS Paris): TBA
  • Tom Ellis (Imperial College): Constructing synthetic biology at lower cost
  • Meriem El Karoui (Edimburgh U): DNA double strand break repair in single E. coli cells
  • Philippe Nghe (ESPCI): Local and global evolutionary constraints in regulatory networks
  • Jörg Stelling (ETH Zürich): TBA
  • Linchong You (Duke Univ.): Programming bacterial dynamics in time and space
  • Hyun Youk (Kavli Institute): Reconstructing multicellular behaviours step-by-step with engineered yeast cells

Keywords: Control Synthetic Biology Conférence Design Optimization Systems