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Research Teams' Seminar

Prosecco Seminar


Indexed inductive types are a feature of most languages based on dependent types. So far, they have only been described as schematic extensions of a type theory or as being instances of the very semantically oriented definition of (indexed) W-types. 

Place : Room Jacques Louis Lions 2

Guest(s) : Jakob von Raumer (University of Nottingham)


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Research Teams' Seminar

Gallium Seminar


The tax code, as a legislative text, defines a mathematical function that computes the income tax of a fiscal household. In order to collect taxes, this function is implemented as an algorithm by the Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (DGFiP), using a domain specific language called M (standing for "Macro-language"). We propose a formal semantics of the M language, tested thanks to data published by the DGFiP.

Place : Room Jacques Louis 1, building C

Guest(s) : Denis Merigoux


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Session Inria Alumni, "Open Science"


Come and check the next Inria Alumni Session: "Open Science: Research also exploits the potential of the digital" !

Place : 2:30pm-7pm, Room Jacques Louis Lions


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