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Promoting the understanding and appropriation of scientific knowledge by a wide public is a recognised necessity, in a world where science and technical considerations play a major role in terms of economics and society. So it is that, in keeping with its strategic objectives, the Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre has been developing numerous scientific-culture based actions, aimed at both young people and the general public.

Scientific-culture actions for the general public

"From homo numericus to digital citizen": Mastering digital technology so as not to be subjected to it 

Activité de l'ExpoMobile

Through fun activities (dances with Poppy the robot, logic games, interactive screen, collaborative application, virtual visit with an immersive headset...), this exhibition helps visitors to familiarise themselves with the concepts behind information technology and raises their awareness about digital issues, to help them to become informed citizens on these matters.

This exhibition was the work of the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre and the Nomade MJC (youth and cultural centre), with the financial support of the CERCo (Brain and Cognition Research Centre) programme

The festival of Science

Each year our researchers are present at this event, thereby enabling the general public to discover the presence of digital technology in our daily lives, through fun workshops or via the research carried out in our centre.

Developing students’ interest in the digital sciences

Open   days

The Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre regularly opens its doors to secondary school pupils and students in higher education.

Coordination of conferences

Scientists present conferences in sixth form colleges covering the entire regional education authority. The aim is to show the students the purpose of research in an ever-changing world, particularly in the field of digital technology. The speakers talk about how mathematics is present in their research work, about their profession, their career paths or debate about a film...

Participation in "Mathenjeans"

Our researchers get involved by proposing research subjects, alongside secondary school and sixth form college teachers from the Nancy-Metz regional education authority. An immersion day in our centre is also the opportunity to discover the world of the researchers who have guided them and to repeat their presentation during the annual congress. 

Relations with the Scientific and Technical Culture (CST) regional ecosystem

Inria Nancy - Grand Est takes part in a large number of actions initiated by and/or with local players involved in CST:

University of Lorraine with:

  • my thesis in 180 seconds
  • "conf'curieuses" (conferences for those with an interest in science) and science and society conferences
  • the researcher Film Festival (with the CNRS)
  • digital science education colloquia, Science & You


Logo CodCodCoding

"Cod cod coding" is aimed at children and adults wishing to learn about computer programming. They are motivated by the design and production of video games or wish to try their hand at amazing, interactive multimedia animations. They can also take part in group reflections and learn how to produce code together


Equal opportunities


The Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre has contributed to the elaboration of the CERCo project which, in particular, makes it possible to target a wide public through one of its approaches: the creation of touring exhibitions.  

- Maths C2+

This initiative targets children from social backgrounds where science is not a traditional educational choice.  

- "Cordées de la réussite" (roped together for success)

Solidarity networks are being built with higher education establishments, research bodies and sixth form colleges in order to change the way young people see higher education subjects. 

These are the "cordées", or ropes of success. Our centre has been a partner of "Ensemble pour que chaque élève ose sa réussite" (Together so that every student can succeed), the Luneville area "cordée". 

- Women in science

Our centre has been taking part in the women and science day organised by the Boutet Monvel de Lunéville sixth form college. This day aims to raise awareness among the female public in the Lunéville area about the place of women in the scientific professions, in order to strengthen the presence of girls in scientific teaching subjects. Every year, female scientists from Inria talk about their background and their profession. 

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