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Highlights at the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre

Highlights at the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre

In 2017, Inria celebrates its 50th anniversary ! 

To start this birthday year, Inria celebrated the 10th anniversary of the European Research Center by highlighting its 48 laureates.  

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In 2016, Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre celebrated its 30th year. 

Set up in the Lorraine region in order to contribute to the region's economic renewal, the centre has continued to grow (seven research teams in 1990 and 50 people, compared to 21 teams and 450 people today).


Discover the highlights of this anniversary year:


  • Official 30th anniversary ceremony: official speech and round table "Digital collaboration, transformation of society, transformation of science?"

 Co-working, wiki, collective creation, free software, collaborative consumption, crowd-funding, participative democracy, participative mapping, fablab...collaborative practices are not new, but they are developing in all areas of social, economic and professional life. Their rise is closely linked to the availability of new digital tools and to the emergence of an ultra-connected world. However, does digital technology lead to a paradigm shift, with the emergence of new modes of organisation, work and life, or does its effect come down to just a touching-up of old ways and means? And do collaborative digital practices enable the recreation of the link, to return power to individuals, to have a more transparent and open society and prevent resources being wasted? Or does the idealistic and altruistic halo that surrounds them hide other, darker realities, such as a monetarisation of numerous aspects of daily life that were formerly well away from the market? 

Following examples taken from the world of work, citizen life, innovation and education, the participants will attempt to extend this message to the field of science by understanding the impact of collaborative digital practices on the production of knowledge and by seeking to comprehend the reality of the notion of collaborative or participative science in the digital age.

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Laure Morel , professor at the University of Lorraine, director of the ERPI (Innovative Process Research Team) laboratory, Thomas Landrain , founder-president of La Paillasse, CEO of PiLi, Colin de la Higuera , professor at the University of Nantes, former president of the Société Informatique de France, Romain Pierronnet , Nancy city councillor, councillor-delegate at Grand Nancy Numérique, Romain Julliard , professor at the French National Museum of Natural History and Bruno Martin , co-founder of La Poudrière, manager of MeshWork.

  Watch the Round table (from the 49th min)

  • Conference by Professor Luc Soler : "The digital revolution applied to surgery"


Luc Soler , R&D director at IRCAD (French Research Institute against Digestive Cancer), co-founder of the company Visible Patient, associate professor at the University of Strasbourg.


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