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After an initial series of label designations in November last year, the Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology, Emmanuel Macron and the State Secretary for Digital Technology, Axelle Lemaire, announced that LORnTECH had been awarded the prestigious Métropole French Tech label on Thursday, the 25th of June.

Out of a total of fourteen applicants, four Métropole French Tech labels were awarded to Brest Tech plus, Normandy French Tech, Lor'NTech and French Tech Côte d'Azur. In a pilot scheme, four thematic French Tech labels were awarded to Alsace (MedTech), Avignon (CultureTech), Saint-Etienne (DesignTech) and Angers (IoT-Tech). These awards signal the start of a three year break in the programme to identify and label the most dynamic and mature start-up ecosystems in France.

The proposer, the Sillon Lorrain European Metropolitan Centre, together with its supporting individuals, companies and elected representatives, sees the award of the label as a recognition and affirmation of the dynamic digital environment of Lorraine on the national and international stage.

Born from a collective ambition, LORnTECH is an indicator of a rich digital ecosystem comprising almost 2000 companies, including a number of Tech Champions, and over 10 000 employees.
Anticipating the forthcoming changes to French regional government, the Sillon Lorrain European Metropolitan Centre brings together the towns and cities of Epinal, Metz, Nancy and Thionville, together with the Lorraine Region, and has demonstrated its ability to cooperate and build enthusiasm and dynamism on the foundation of a common desire to serve businesses.
A sign of a new richness and potential for economic development encompassing the cities of Luxembourg and Sarrebrucken, LORnTECH symbolises the mobilisation of all those involved in a drive to build the future.
In order to ensure that the initiatives are sustained regardless of their maturity, and to make ideas into projects, projects into start-ups, and start-ups into growing businesses, the Sillon Lorrain European Metropolitan Centre and all those involved in it join with the newly-labelled LORnTECH in committing to an ambitious strategy aimed at making the metropolitan digital ecosystem into a world leader.

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