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Véronique Poirel - 13/08/2018

The Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre tests out a digital culture training approach

Digital technology is one of the four cross-disciplinary themes of the French national Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture (CSTI) strategy.
In keeping with this national strategy, the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre and the association Les Petits Débrouillards Grand Est, with the financial support of the Région Grand Est regional authority, will - from November 2018 until June 2019 - be trying out a digital culture training approach aimed at regional representatives, based on the Class'Code system.

This trial aims to train 20 to 40 people from public education, multimedia libraries, fablabs and - more generally - any structure developing activities among young people aged 8 to 14. The objective is to develop the digital culture of young people and citizens across the entire region. The prerequisite for taking part in this training lies in the desire to establish a local and long-term commitment to the development of digital culture activities within one's region.

Inria Nancy - Grand Est will take care of all of the training costs, with travel expenses paid by the participants.
The training is split into five days, each of which is preceded by  individual work on MOOCs (10h/lesson).
Basing itself on the Class'Code system, Inria will propose meetings between learners, around five modules:
 - Day 1: discovering programming (20 November 2018 at the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre)
 - Day 2: manipulation of information (22 January 2019) in the Champagne-Ardennes (location to be confirmed)
 - Day 3: initiation to robotics (5 March 2019) in the Vosges or Meuse (location to be confirmed)
 - Day 4: connection to the network (23 April 2019) in Alsace (location to be confirmed)
 - Day 5: management of an IT project (18 June 2019 at the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre)

The training days, which will be carried out by scientific experts in digital technology and activities professionals, will alternate between:

 • practice of the concepts addressed in the module (feedback, technical advice) in flipped learning mode

 • conferences and discussions around the societal challenges relating to the module addressed

 • unplugged activities (i.e. without the use of a computer) to understand IT concepts/notions in a fun way.

Are you interested in this training on a personal or professional level?
Then please subscribe (or the staff concerned in your organisation) on the website by 15 October 2018 at the latest.

More details about this training as well as all the practical information on the website


Keywords: Inria Nancy - Grand Est Programming Class'Code Network Information Robotics Les Petits Débrouillards Training