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8th of March in Nancy

AL. Charbonnier / V. Poirel - 8/03/2018

Portrait of women, passionately researchers

Numerous women have left their mark in the history of computing, including Ada Lovelace, considered the first female programmer or Grace Hopper, designer of the first compiler. Nevertheless, the digital technology sectors continue to convey a very masculine image! On  the occasion of International Women's Rights Day , we met with two young researchers recently  hired at the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre, Coralie Fritsch and Cécile Pierrot, who talk about their careers, their passion and their point of view on equality in the research sector. Different perspectives…

Cécile PIERROT, a modern-day travelling researcher

Cécile Pierrot is a researcher on the Caramba team. Straddling mathematics and computer science, Cécile chose to specialise in cryptography.

© C.Pierrot

Cécile Pierrot joined the Caramba team at the Inria Nancy – Grand Est centre as a researcher on 1 January 2018.  She works in cryptography, and more specifically in discrete logarithms. You could liken Cécile to a modern-day nomad.

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Coralie FRITSCH,  probabilities are only a step away from football stadiums!

Coralie Fritsch is a researcher on Inria’s Tosca team. She works in the field of probabilities. 

On 1 October 2017, Coralie joined Inria’s Tosca team, located in Sophia-Antipolis and Nancy, as a researcher. A team of mathematicians, housed at IECL, the Lorraine Institute of Mathematical Research. It’s the interdisciplinary aspect of her work that Coralie particularly appreciates.

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