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A science village opens its doors to shed light on the digital aspects of the jobs of tomorrow

Engineers and researchers at Loria and Inria–Nancy–Grand Est are working to help high-school pupils and students understand how our lives are enhanced by digital tools, and, more specifically, how these tools will be used in the jobs of the future. Come and discover research platforms, such as the Smart Home and the High Security Laboratory.

Agenda of 4 June

  • Computer science unplugged

Fun explanations of a couple of fundamental notions in computer science, such as algorithms, without using a computer!Sylvain Contassot, Pierre Rolin and Ahmed Yureidini

  • Drones

Originally designed for surveillance and security assignments, drones are becoming part of our daily lives and everyone has something to say about them! There are increasing possibilities for civil applications, many of which still need to be invented! Thanks to embedded smart devices, drones can now perform surveillance of an industrial site, provide event-based services or even conduct deliveries....Get ready for take-off!Laurent Ciarletta, Adrien Guénard and Yannick Presse

  • A Smart Home

Equipping the environment with perception and decision-making capacities, enabling it to interact with humans and shape their behaviour: such is the objective set for the experimental platform, for which there are many applications: helping seniors stay in their own homes, assistant robots, home automation, etc.Thomas Moinel and Maxime Rio

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Keywords: Village des sciences Inria Loria Appartement intelligent Laboratoire haute sécurité Sciences du numérique