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Véronique Poirel - 17/04/2019

IEEE IM did not RESIST to rewarding 3 scientists from our center!

Jérôme François and Olivier Festor, team RESIST Inria Nancy - Grand Est

Three researchers from the RESIST research team, based at Inria in Nancy and at the Loria laboratory, were honoured during the 16th International IFIP/IEEE Symposium, IM 2019. The symposium was dedicated to integrated network management, and took place in Washington DC between the 8th to 12th April.

  • Olivier Festor , Professor at the University of Lorraine, Director of Telecom Nancy, he is the first French scientist to receive the Dan Stokesberry Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of network and service management. The Dan Stokesberry Award is awarded in memory of Dan Stokesberry, Chair of IM'97, at each international symposium on integrated network management to an individual who has made a particularly outstanding technical contribution to the growth of the field.
  • Jérôme François , research fellow, was awarded the IEEE Young Professional in Network and Service Management, which recognizes leadership and outstanding contributions from young professionals in the field.
  • Rémi Badonnel , senior lecturer at the University of Lorraine, was elected Chair of the IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) WG6.6 (Working Group 6.6), an entity that manages and leads conferences and journals in the field of network supervision. 

Congratulations to this trio of winners!

IEEE IM, kesako ?

IEEE IM, or IFIP/IEEE, is the International Symposium on Integrated Network Management. It takes place every odd-year since 1989, and brings together researchers and experts from the academia and industry to explore the latest innovations in the management of information and communications technologies. 

The 2019 conference focused on "Smart Management for the Next Wave of Cyber and Social Networks", thus bringing forward topics such as integrated network and service management, cyberspace, social networks and intelligent management.

Keywords: Olivier Festor Rémi Badonnel Jérôme François Networks IEEE