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Flashback from the 1st French-German conference on cybersecurity

Logo Journée Cybersécurité ©L.Phialy

Jointly organized by Inria and Cispa, the first Franco-German academic-industrial conference on cybersecurity took place on December 8, 2016. 

Rediscover, with pictures and videos, the highlights of this day : the plenary session, the atmosphere of the showroom, the participants' interviews.  

  • Conference of Côme Berbain ©L.Phialy

  • Speech of Philippe Wolf ©L.Phialy

  • N. Arpagian, P. Wolf, J-P. Quémard, M. Schunter, M. Backes, J-L. Lanet ©L.Phialy

  • Demonstration of MUTE ©L.Phialy

  • Présentation of LHS Rennes ©L.Phialy

  • Stand Code verification with BINSEC and FRAMA-C ©L.Phialy

  • Ambiance in the showroom ©L.Phialy

  • Stand Cispa ©L.Phialy

Keywords: RII Cybersécurité Rencontre Inira Industrie Nancy

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