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MOCQUA, the new Inria Nancy centre research team

Virginie Blavier - 6/04/2018

The new Inria Nancy centre research team, MOCQUA, explores emerging computational models such as infinite precision dynamical systems, higher-order computation and quantum computing.

The team’s leader, Emmanuel Jeandel, met with us to explain more about the work of his team, which is made up of nine permanent researchers, a post-doctoral researcher and two PhD students.



Inria's 50th Anniversary: let's celebrate our talents and imagine our digital futur

Lucia NICOLAI - 29/03/2018

On December 20th 2017, in the presence of Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, President of the European Council of the Research (ERC) we invited ERC grantees to present their results, advances and ambitions. A precious opportunity to share their views on the future of their disciplines, discuss the best way of guaranteeing the economic and societal impact of the researches led in Inria Nancy Grand – Est Center as well as is and at our academic partners.



8th of March in Nancy

Portrait of women, passionately researchers

AL. Charbonnier / V. Poirel - 8/03/2018

Numerous women have left their mark in the history of computing, including Ada Lovelace, considered the first female programmer or Grace Hopper, designer of the first compiler. Nevertheless, the digital technology sectors continue to convey a very masculine image! On  the occasion of International Women's Rights Day , we met with two young researchers recently  hired at the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre, Coralie Fritsch and Cécile Pierrot, who talk about their careers, their passion and their point of view on equality in the research sector. Different perspectives…



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Minimally invasive robots for exploring monuments


The Larsen team from the Inria centre in Nancy is developing - in partnership with the Institute of Movement Sciences (CNRS & Aix-Marseille University) - miniature and semi-autonomous robots capable of exploring the inaccessible areas of monuments and leaving a minimum of traces behind.




E-voting: Belenios software now available for general public use


Belenios is an online voting platform designed by the Inria-Loria Pesto and Caramba joint project teams. It is now available under a general public license.



Travaux Gamble


A new team in Inria Nancy - Grand Est center: Gamble

C.Beri - 22/03/2017

Since 1 January 2017, the Gamble team (Geometric Algorithms & Models Beyond the Linear & Euclidean realm) has taken over from the Vegas team (Effective Geometric Algorithms for Surfaces and Visibility). Olivier Devillers, head of Gamble, tells us about this new team.  



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Aurore Guillevic, new researcher in the Caramba team

C.Beri - 8/03/2017

Aurore Guillevic has been a researcher in the Caramba project team since November 2016. Halfway between mathematics and computer science, she works in the field of cryptography, on the security of encryption systems.



Logo Journée Cybersécurité ©L.Phialy

Inria-Industry meeting

Flashback from the 1st French-German conference on cybersecurity


Jointly organized by Inria and Cispa, the first Franco-German academic-industrial conference on cybersecurity took place on December 8, 2016. 

Rediscover, with pictures and videos, the highlights of this day : the plenary session, the atmosphere of the showroom, the participants' interviews.  



JB Mouret


For Jean-Baptiste Mouret, robotics is fantastic

J.Tourdiat/J.B. Mouret - 16/12/2016

Specialised in artificial intelligence and robotics, Jean-Baptiste Mouret joined the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre in May 2015. As a member of the Larsen team, he is brilliantly putting in place the project that earned him an ERC grant. Here is a look back at the success story of this young 35 years old researcher...



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The highlights of the year 2016 of Inria on review!


2016 marked a busy year in the field of computational sciences with key issues like Open Access, Text and data mining, Articial Intelligence. Once again, the researchers of Inria worked to meet the social and economic challenges of our time: help in the home, interconnected devices, humanoid robotics, autonomous car... Just to name a few, there were new partnerships and researcher profiles, software development. Discover (or revisit) the events that set the tempo for the year.