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New technologies to protect digital data and computer systems

Demonstrations of innovative technologies stemming from Inria, from its academic and industrial partners and from start-ups will be presented on the shoowrom from 12:30 am.


VSOC : Virtual Security Operation Centre

SEDAN@SnT (Service and Data management in Distributed Systems) University of Luxemburg -

VSOC is a virtual Security Operation Centre that aims at providing security analytics and security event management (SIEM) as a cloud-based solution. This means that the analytics and collecting tools are operated in a cloud, such that clients do not have to deal with complex maintenance operations.

Virtual SOC uses Machine learning and big data processing for security analytics. Virtual SOC integrates existing SIEM with Advanced analytical capabilities, which have been developed by the UL/SnT’s. Virtual SOC integrates smoothly with existing technologies (Spark, Spunk, Hadoop, Kafka). Examples of usage: Forensic analysis of malicious software, Traffic level analysis for accounting and performance monitoring, Daily analysis of firewall logs to identify malicious activity.



Logo Logo -

Startup provides data protection through ergonomic cryptography. gives organisation a full data breach protection in crypting data storage and exchanges. Our first product is a file transfer web service available on line or that may be set up in any organisation. File are crypted and exchanged without setting up any software for the sender or the receiver, without any password exchange and without any account for the sender. An end-to-end encryption is done, and interception or access to storagewould be useless for an attacker.

Our promise : data security. Customer advantages : ease of use, of deployment, of management, full autonomy and internal control of the security. Usage benefits : no data leaks, respect of data protection laws for the organisations.



Logo SplitSec


SplitSec designs visualisation tools to assist with incident response

Security mechanisms for collecting, aggregating and correlating traces are well established and available. However, these generate such masses of data que that these are often badly or infrequently exploited.

SplitSec pushes back these limites by reintegrating the security expert into the analysis process. We offer people in charge of system information surveillance and intrusion analysis relevant and efficient visualisations allowing them to intuitively explore collected data to better analyse them.





PlugDB, a Secure Personal data Server

Team Smis, Inria Saclay - Île-de-France -

At the time we are witnessing an increasing accumulation of personal data on central servers, PlugDB draws a radically different and fully decentralized vision of the management of personal data. It builds upon the emergence of new devices combining the security of smart cards and the storage capacity of NAND Flash chips. PlugDB embeds, in such devices, a full-fledged Personal Data Server capable of acquiring, storing and managing securely personal data under holder’s control. PlugDB will be demonstrated with two use-cases: (1) a secure personal medical-social folder and (2) a privacy-by-design survey platform.