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Health Smart Home

Habitat Intelligent pour la santé © Inria / Photo C. Morel

Loaded with sensors and smart, connected devices, the HIS experimentation platform provides the ideal environment for inventing the technologies of tomorrow concerning help with autonomy and ensuring frail or dependent persons can stay in their own homes. 

Population ageing affects the entire planet. This phenomenon has multiple consequences that encourage the growth of the services sector for elderly persons: help at home, but also new technologies that are made easier to use.  The design of solutions to make it easier for people who are frail, losing their autonomy or dependent on others to remain in their own homes poses scientific questions that fall under different information technology disciplines: artificial intelligence, ambient intelligence, cyber-physical systems, sensor networks, distributed computing, etc. These solutions rely on the implementation of a variety of technologies: domotics, smart sensors, robotics, artificial interfaces...

Four furnished rooms, 700 sensors (wide-angle cameras, smart tiles, presence sensors, microphones, etc.) and mobile robots - the Health Smart Home is a place dedicated to the experimentation and assessment of different solutions to help people who are frail, losing their autonomy or dependent to remain in their own homes. Different research projects at the centre use this platform, for subjects as varied as actimetric monitoring of people, interaction with service robots, detecting falls, the abstraction of sensor networks or the analysis of speech and other sounds recorded by the microphones present in the environment. 

Its applications

  • Hands-free vocal interface with domotic objects and multimedia services.
  • Monitoring of activity for the early detection and monitoring of pathologies.
  • Illuminated path to mark out the way when people get up during the night.
  • Detection of risk situations, such as falls.
  • Assessment of walking and balance.
  • Detection of emergency sound signals (call for help, etc.). 

Keywords: Personal care Robot Intelligent home Personal assistance Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre Technology platforms