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Industrial partnerships and development

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Inria's ambition is to transform innovative technologies stemming from research into products or services intended for businesses and society in general. Inria Nancy - Grand Est conducts an active policy in the development of partnerships and technology transfer activities. Inria Nancy - Grand Est offers solutions suited to a wide range of needs, including consulting, periodic collaborations and multi-year R&D programmes. 

Inria Nancy - Grand Est research centre works on a daily basis in interaction with the regional players in technology transfer and innovation. It maintains close relationships with the local BPI (French public investment bank) representatives and regional authorities, contributes to the actions carried out by the Grand Est region competitiveness clusters, and interacts with the local technology transfer accelerator companies, or SATTs (SATT Grand EstSATT Conectus). 

The centre, through its researchers, the STIP (Technology Transfer, Innovation and Partnership department) and the management team, also has a strong presence in business clusters involved in digital technology. Inria is a member of Nancy NumériqueGrand Est NumériqueImage & Numérique, and recently formed links with the Rhénatic cluster in Alsace. 

Concerned with stimulating opportunities for academics and industrialists to meet, the centre organises - together with the local players - events such as the "Rencontres Inria Industrie" (Inria-Industry Meetings). The purpose of these events is to highlight the region's expertise and innovation potential to regional businesses, and beyond its borders.

Partnerships with large corporations, SMEs and intermediate-sized companies (ETIs): EDF, Orange, Thales, Altran, GE Healthcare, Pharmagest, Venathec, Ateliers Cini, Intrinsec, Bonitasoft, Xilopix, AxesSim, ip-label, Data Publica, Linger,… 

How to collaborate with Inria Nancy - Grand Est

Direct collaborations with a business

  • Intern hosting  - The intern is hosted within a team and supervised by scientists. He or she works on a subject proposed by the company. Duration: 3-6 months / Funding: Company
  • CIFRE contract  – PhD students continue their research part-time in a company. The contract states the intellectual property rights and the rights to the utilisation of their results. Duration: 3 years / Funding: Company/French National Association of Technical Research (CIFRE) 
  • The partnership-based research and development agreement  - When a solution to a given problem does not exist in the state of the art, or when a business is looking for expertise connected with researchers' skills, it can contact an Inria research team specialising in the field concerned to set up a scientific collaboration. Duration: according to requirements / Funding: company.

Multi-partner projects (consortiums)

  • Response to national requests for proposals:  every year the French National Research Agency publishes calls for project tenders that encourage collaborations between the industrial and academic worlds. Duration: 2-4 years / Funding: French National Research Agency (partial)
  • Participation in European programmes: as part of the 7th Framework Programme for Research & Development, ambitious R&D projects involving international collaborations (research/business) can find sources of joint funding. Duration: 2-4 years / Funding: European Fund (partial)
  • Participation in software development consortiums:  Inria has been behind numerous initiatives aimed at continuing the development of mature results, particularly in the field of free software. 

Business formation

Would you like to develop an innovative product or service and take it to the mass market? 

Inria Nancy - Grand Est has set up a hosting and support structure catering to business formation projects created from its research.