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MATh.en.JEANS: the perfect equation between maths and computer science!

  • Date : 26/03/2019
  • Place : Nancy
  • Guest(s) : Marie Duflot-Kremer, Erwan Kerrien

For several years now, the Inria Nancy-Grand Est Research Centre has been receiving junior and senior high school pupils who are signed up toMath.en.JEANSworkshops in their schools. An opportunity for the scientists involved in these workshops to share their work environment with them before presenting their work at the regional congress.

This year's visit will take place on 26 March. A total of 35 students accompanied by 4 teachers will be boarding the computer science flagship for a day packed with discoveries, the chance to see the diversity of the research going on in digital sciences and to see close up the strong link between maths and computing. In small groups, the pupils will be able to discover:

Once again a large number of the Centre's scientists will be mobilising to demonstrate the beauty of their discipline and to prove that Léopold Sédar-Senghor was right when he said that mathematics is the poetry of science!

Keywords: Erwan Kerrien Mathematics Math.en.JEANS Marie Kremer