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Sciences and Society Conference: Ethics and Algorithms

We will try to show in this intervention that ethical questioning, like the questioning on the security of computer systems, is also a fertile source of new scientific and technical questions. For example, the questioning of privacy has given rise to numerous studies on the anonymization of data, the electronic voting project has led to the design of voting protocols, but also to the study of their limits. Similarly, questions relating to the fairness of algorithms, such as the post-bac admission algorithm, or that of the justification of a judgment or decision, lead to new problems that we do not yet know how to solve.

  • Date : 15/02/2018
  • Place : IUT Charlemagne
  • Guest(s) : Gilles Dowek
  • Organiser(s) : El Haj Laamri

This conference, part of the Science and Society cycle, is organized by

Keywords: Algorithm Decision Debate Ethics