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Artificial intelligence

Dialogue on artificial intelligence with Members of the European Parliament

Nazim Fatès - @ Nazim Fatès

Nazim Fatès, a researcher on the Mocqua team – affiliated with both Inria and LORIA – will be the guest speaker at a dinner and debate organised by the European Parliamentary Association on Wednesday 13 February. The topic will be "Artificial intelligence: is the European Union ready?". He will be debating this issue alongside Raja Chatila, a member of European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on AI, and Mady Delvaux, a Parliamentary Rapporteur on the recommendations to the Commission for the rules of civil law on robotics.

  • Date : 13/02/2019
  • Place : Strasbourg
  • Guest(s) : Nazim Fatès
  • Organiser(s) : Association Parlementaire européenne

Artificial intelligence has been a very hot media topic in recent months, and all the major IT firms are exploring its possible applications in both the professional and personal spheres. Hailed as an ally by some but demonised by others, it is difficult to assess its benefits and abuses with equanimity. Why is this such a contentious subject? Does AI simply concern the automatic learning of tasks by machines, or is there much more to it (a way of thinking, a certain logic, etc.)? Does research in AI hold infinite promise or is it quite limited in its scope (diagnostic assistance, voice recognition, computer vision, etc.)? 

In his presentation, Nazim will be returning to the origins of AI, and especially to the 1950s when the founding texts were written by Alan Turing, John Von Neumann and Norbert Wiener, who were already raising the question of giving machines a form of intelligence. Although discussions about the manipulation of our personal data by artificial intelligence algorithms raise the need for parliamentary legislation, we need to step back and distance ourselves from debates that back us into a corner and return to more fundamental questions. Nazim’s insight into this subject will be invaluable!

Keywords: Mocqua Artificial intelligence European Parliament Nazim Fatès