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European research careers

Discover some European research careers of men and women who are members or former members of our research teams here at Inria Lille – Nord Europe, and the wealth of human and scientific experience they have gained.

Studies in Denmark, a post-doc inLuxembourg, founding a startup inGermany, a permanent position inFranceorSweden... You can also learn about the support services provided to assist our researchers in organizing funding for European projects.


Benjamin Guedj: “Denmark and Inria, shared values”

Friendliness, ties with the business world, international dimension…stand out in Benjamin Guedj's memories of a year-long stay in Denmark. Currently a researcher on the Modal project-team at the Inria Lille – Nord-Europe Center, he is happy to find these same values here.

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Greece, England and Germany

Alexandra Carpentier : there's magic in research

After beginning her career in France and then going to Britain, the Franco-Greek researcher Alexandra Carpentier is preparing to move to Germany: a journey marked by her desire to understand the fascinating universe of mathematical statistics and machine learning.

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Czech republic

Filip Křikava : International researcher 

After crossing the continents to work as an engineer, Filip Křikava has finally decided to settle down in France and enter the world of research.He was part of the Inria Lille–Nord Europe Spirals project team. In the academic year, he will be assistant professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague.An international traveler tells us his tale.

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Sweden and Germany

Frédéric Loiret: a European researcher and citizen

Based in Sweden but working part-time in Germany, Frédéric Loiret is heavily involved in European projects on the standardization of industrial IT tools: a fascinating challenge that means he has to be more than a researcher.

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Valeria Loscri: In love with digital

Valeria Loscri has exchanged the warm sun of southern Italy for the altogether different climate of Lille.A passionate computer scientist, she has now brought her networking expertise to the Inria Lille Nord – Europe FUN project team.

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Denis Bonheure, a mathematician without borders

Denis Bonheure lives in Brussels and is a member of the MEPHYSTO research team at INRIA Lille - Nord Europe. Well accustomed to travelling from one country to another, he sees mathematics as an international language that transcends all borders.

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