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Scientific challenges

Our scientific priorities

Produced and presented every five years, the Inria Scientific strategic plan reveals the impending main lines of research and the scientific ambitions of the institute over the coming years and, more generally, aims to put humans back at the centre of digital technologies.

Scientific ambitions for major societal challenges

For the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center, this strategic plan represents a lever to contribute to the development and economic influence of the Euroregion and its ecosystem, and to promote the development of scientific excellence in the Hauts-de-France region. Our priorites:

  • Strengthen regional dynamics with the I-SITE ULNE project
  • Increase the North-European dynamic
  • To anchor in the regional industrial ecosystem

3 main research topics

  • Data science
  • Ever-running software
  • Humans, physical and digital worlds: models and interactions

5 scientific priorities

  • Lifelong adaptive interaction with humans
  • Bridging time and space scales
  • Data science for everyone
  • Towards a trustworthy Internet of Everything
  • Ever-running software

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