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Inria Innovation Lab (ex I-Lab): creating added value

Jean-Michel Flamant (Idées-3com) & Laurent Grisoni (MINT team) Jean-Michel Flamant (Idées-3com) & Laurent Grisoni (MINT team)

For the past year, the SME Idées-3Com has been working hand-in-hand with Inria on complex 3D modelling projects. Their work has been based at a joint research laboratory, where all avenues are explored. We look back at a fruitful collaboration.

This is the story of two entities that have a great deal to offer each other. The first is the SME Idées-3Com, a specialist in interactive 3D applications for online marketing. The second is MINT, a joint research team involving Inria, Lille 1 University (Science and Technology) and the French National Centre for Scientific Research, which is developing new methods and tools to interact on 3D human-computer interfaces. The idea is to create a joint research laboratory, financed equally by the two entities. This lab, known as Inria Innovation Lab  (ex I-Lab), will encourage a long-term partnership, with the establishment of a 3-year road map.

"The researchers have at their disposal sophisticated equipment and considerable technological expertise and judgement with which to drive our projects forward," notes Jean-Michel Flamant, co-founder and director of Idées-3Com.

His enthusiasm is shared by Laurent Grisoni, head of Inria's MINT team: "Through their marketing team and graphic designers, Idées-3Com bring us content, allow us to test out our hypotheses and enable us to make progress in a number of interesting specific areas."

  With a new prototype created every six months, the joint team is working hard. "We are currently working on an application for testing out furnishing options for apartments, "   says Jean-Michel Flamant.

The Inria Innovation Lab  (ex I-Lab) allows us to use the ideas developed for commercial benefit, and offers PhD students the opportunity to publish research on the prototypes produced.

Everyone is a winner!

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