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International Women's Day


Women and computational science : it's all year !

International Women's Day is celebrated since 1977. This event follows from protests for women's rights in the early 20th century. On the occasion of this day, rediscover women who work daily in the environment and field of computational science.

Isabelle Herlin - © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Isabelle Herlin appointed director of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center

Inria Chairman and CEO Antoine Petit named Isabelle Herlin director of the Inria Lille – Nord Europe research center effective 1 March 2017. Previously director of research at Inria, Isabelle Herlin now heads for the Lille–Nord Europe research center. She replaces David Simplot, who has been named scientific advisor to Inria's chairman and CEO, responsible for rolling out InriaTech technology transfer platforms from the Horizon Startup program and the Internet of things.

© L. Duchien

Laurence Duchien, elected to the Executive Committee of Technical Council on Software Engineering of the IEEE

Laurence Duchien, member of Spirals project-team* of Inria Lille – Nord Europe research center, has been elected for 2 ans to the Executive Committee of the Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) of the IEEE. This mayor authority is internationally in the community of software engineering.

The administration and finance department: from arranging ambitious projects to everyday orders

Staffed by nine people, the administration and finance department (SAF) both looks after the smooth running of the center and provides legal and administrative support to the research teams: an essential role that contributes to the influence of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center.


Emilia Tantar: a committed European researcher

Emilia Tantar, who comes from Romania, currently lives in Luxembourg after spending three years in France as a member of the Dolphin project team at Inria Lille-Nord Europe: an international journey that has, in no particular order, given her an interest in business, a liking for mussels and fries and a good knowledge of European languages.

Effectiveness and performance of animated transitions

A new demonstrator, TAN, was just set up on the Plateau Inria, EuraTechnologies. TAN proposes to illustrate 3 examples of ongoing research work leaded by Fanny Chevalier, researcher in the Mjolnir Inria research team (joint with Lille 1 University)* in the field of animated transitions.

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