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The "Best Data Analysis" Gold Trophy for Nuukik, in collaboration with the Sequel team

Nuukik won the Best Data Analysis award at the Connected Commerce Show 2015 for its innovative project on seasonalised recommendations, to adapt recommendations according to the season and the temporal context. A project conducted with the expertise of the Sequel project team at Inria Lille - Nord Europe.

An innovative project on seasonalised recommendation

After a successful first edition last year at the Casino de Paris, the Connected Commerce Show 2015 took place over two days this year, with a programme including round tables, interviews, and presentations of innovative solutions. The first day ended with a prize-giving. Awards were made in six categories, celebrating initiatives to adapt commerce to technological developments and the evolution of the consumer.

Nuukik, a personalised recommendation engine for (e)-commerce, came out on top in a field of 80 projects, winning the gold trophy in the "Best Data Analysis" category. The event attracted more than 1500 participants from the retail world as well as the technology and data intelligence sectors.

Nuukik won over the jury with its omnichannel personalised recommendation tool, taking into account purchasing behaviour, seasonality, and the temporal context. This tool, which turns out to be relevant even at small volumes (making it a solution that suits every type of commerce), was created with the expertise of the Sequel team at Inria Lille.

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