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The administration and finance department: from arranging ambitious projects to everyday orders

Staffed by nine people, the administration and finance department (SAF) both looks after the smooth running of the center and provides legal and administrative support to the research teams: an essential role that contributes to the influence of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center.

A versatile department

The SAF operates in the fields of legal affairs, financial affairs and procurement.

In the legal field, the department advises the research teams on intellectual property, legal negotiations and drafting of all contracts relating to the center’s research activities (agreements, research contracts, protocols, licenses, patents, software programs, APP, etc). The department also deals with the conclusion and monitoring of all public sector contracts with a focus on business efficiency.

In the financial field, the department draws up, implements and monitors the center’s budget. In liaison with the STIP, it provides project managers with advice on administrative arrangements and finance when responding to requests for proposals (H2020, ANR, BPI France, regional councils, etc). The department also monitors contracts administratively and financially, notably by providing funders with supporting documents. Finally, it handles the financial management of dealings between the center’s suppliers, departments and research teams.

A team contributing to Inria’s influence

The SAF’s role is essential for the center’s prestige because it liaises very closely with the research teams in coordination with the “transfer for innovation and partnerships department” (STIP) to respond to requests for proposals (H2020, BPI, ANR, etc). Department members particularly assist researchers with administrative and financial arrangements for contracts. They also act as a link between the laboratories and the business world by providing their expertise in implementing partnerships with companies and putting consortia together.

Specialized profiles

The strength of the department lies in the diversity of its competencies and expertise, bringing together, under the supervision of the head of department, Majid El Maach, a contract and intellectual property lawyer, a public sector contract buyer, a research contract manager, three financial officers and a budget manager who is also responsible for the financial officers. The team is completed by an office assistant.

Administration and finance department CV

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