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Technical and General Services: the Keystone of the Center

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From facilities management through user support, the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Center’s Technical and General Services need to ensure that everyone works in an optimum environment.

Key assignments

A wide range of Technical and General Services (TGS) is required for maintenance and logistics at the Center. This service department is responsible for managing the various buildings at the facility. They deal not only with maintaining the equipment and ensuring that everything is in good working order on a daily basis, but also with construction, remodeling, and fitting out new buildings.

The Inria Lille - Nord Europe Research Center for which the service is responsible includes two buildings as well as the Inria Platform, a showroom at the EuraTechnologies facility. Management of these facilities requires the use more than thirty outside contractors whose work at the various sites, consisting mainly of cleaning, reception, security guards and landscape maintenance, is coordinated by the Service. Part of the activities of the TGS involves writing specifications and invitations to tender, in cooperation with the Contracts Department, involving the supply of services, purchase of materials and supplies, and construction works.

The TGS provides technical support for site users and helps solve their problems. When people don’t know where to turn, they’ll always find an answer from the TGS.

In addition to its priority tasks, the TGS offers support to researchers seeking technical solutions for creating and developing displays and research platforms. They also help to arrange scientific meetings or events run by the Public Relations Department.

Finally the TGS contributes its skills to health and safety concerns, whether for its own activities or in assisting the other departments and the research teams.

When you don’t know who to ask, the STGs will always find an answer

An assistance service for everyone’s benefit

Through the variety of the tasks it performs, the TGS works closely with the other eight departments. It assists researchers by offering them support in performing their tasks. “Our aim is to ensure that a researcher only needs to worry abouthis or her research. We manage everything else in their working environment, so that they find themselves operating under ideal conditions,”summarizes Technical & General Services Manager Frédéric Carette.

The Technical & General Services Team

The Technical & General Services team at Inria Lille—Nord Europe consists of six people whose work profiles complement each other. These are a manager, an assistant, a logistics assistant, two technicians, and a construction and works engineer.

CV of Technical and General  Services

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