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Robotics Society of Japan best paper for the Defrost team

The Defrost project team has just received a best paper award from the Robotics Society of Japan for a paper published in the journalAdvanced Robotics. This article presents one of the team's research areas: the creation of a framework for the modeling, simulation and control of soft robots. 

The paper “Software toolkit for modeling, simulation and control of soft robots”, published by several scientists from the Defrost* project team, has received a best paper award from the Robotics Society of Japan. This award recognizes the work carried out by the team on the development of a simulation framework in soft robotics.

Summary of the winning paper

The technological differences between traditional robotics and soft robotics have an impact on all of the modeling tools generally used, including direct kinematics and inverse models. Due to the lack of precise modeling and control tools for soft robots, certain promising concepts for complex applications (medicine, assistance, domestic robotics, etc.) cannot be implemented.

This article presents a first unified framework, dedicated to the modeling, simulation and control of soft robots. The framework relies on continuum mechanics in order to model the robotic structures and boundary conditions such as actuators or contacts. It enables the soft robot to be simulated and controlled in its environment. The methods are implemented in a plug-in for SOFA; an open source framework for the real-time simulation of deformable objects. The plug-in is available on

*Defrost project team is associated with Inria, Centrale Lille, University of Lille and CNRS. Within the UMR 9189 CNRS-Centrale Lille-Université de Lille, CRIStAL.

Keywords: Best paper Robotique déformable Soft robotics Defrost project-team Robotics