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Retrospective of our internal photo contests

(cc) Aaron Escobar

Each year, Inria Lille – Northern Europe center organizes a photo contest among its employees. Administrative and members of research teams use their imagination to illustrate a theme. Take a look at the best shots of the past five years.

Year 2014

Theme : Reinvent the digital (or not)
1st : Evolution, by Bruno Carrez from team Shacra

Évolution - © Bruno Carrez

Year 2013

Theme : Building B, in all its forms
1st : Hugo in all its forms (inside building B), by Jérémie Dequidt from team Shacra

Hugo sous toutes ses formes - © Jérémie Dequidt

Year 2012

Theme : Black & White
1st : Inside the box, by Jérémie Dequidt from team Shacra

Inside the box - © Jérémie Dequidt


Year 2011

Theme : A digital world
1st : Net-work, by Valérie Sultana from the technology, transfert and innovation department

Net-work - © Valérie Sultana


Theme : Quirky moments
1st : Upside down, by Alice Decarpigny from the communication department


Sans dessus dessous - Alice Decarpigny

Year 2010

Theme : Art and research
1st ex aequo : Abstrait Diagonal, by Damien Pollet from team Rmod

Abstrait Diagonal - Damien Pollet

1st ex aequo : Searching, by Stéphane Ducasse from team Rmod


Cherchons - Stéphane Ducasse

Theme : IT: past, present, future
1st : Keyboard 3.0, by Jérémie Dequidt from team Shacra

Keyboard 3.0 - Jérémie Dequidt


Thème : Daily Life
1er : Reality, by Jérémie Mary from team Sequel

Reality - © Jérémie Mary

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