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Research team assistants: at the crossroads of the centre's activities

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At Inria's Lille - Nord Europe research centre, all of the research team assistants (or AERs, to use the French abbreviation) are women. This particular line of work is specific to the Institute. It offers research team members locally accessible, versatile support and provides the different departments of the centre with a clearly defined point of contact within the research teams.

Key functions

The Research Team Support Department is the point of contact for research team members to make their requests. The department is responsible for welcoming new recruits and providing local assistance to each of the members. The main functions of the Research Team Support Department (SAER in the French abbreviation) could be summed up as "Support and Alert Efficiently and Responsively" explained Sandrine Meilen, the department manager. Through their knowledge of procedures, the assistants help manage files related to the team's activity and offer advice to facilitate decision-making for research team managers.

Support and Alert Efficiently and Responsively.

A department that's local and available

Research team assistants are central to the teams' activities. They play a role in the day-to-day work that makes up the life of the research teams, as well as facilitating the communication of information and news among the various parties.  They are designated as the first point of contact for the teams they assist, and so play a central role in their organisation. They have proved a success with all the centre's scientists as they are positioned at the crossroads between the different activities of the Institute. Their department is key in ensuring that our research teams can pursue their work in the best possible conditions.

The team

The Research Team Support Department at Inria Lille - Nord Europe is made up of seven women. Each assistant has two or three teams in her charge. The job calls for qualities such as self-reliance, good interpersonal skills, a sense of initiative and knowing how to speak to different kinds of people.

CV of research team assistants department

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