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Nicolas Roussel, new scientific officer at the Inria Lille – Nord Europe centre

Nicolas Roussel - © Inria / Photo G. Maisonneuve

Nicolas Roussel, whose family is from the north, is the new scientific delegate at the Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre. He is a computer enthusiast and here he shares his vision of his new role with us.

What does this appointment mean to you?

It is a great honour. Since the Inria Lille centre was established, very few scientific delegates have been appointed. I am very pleased to have been appointed to this position.

What does your new role as scientific delegate entail?

As a member of the management team, I assist the director on a daily basis in the centre’s management in all scientific matters. In practice, this means transmitting information from the national institute and defining the centre's priorities. I also play a role in staff management – I help with creating, monitoring and concluding the centre’s research teams, in keeping with national management. I am also responsible for scientific activities and I chair the project committee that brings together all the scientific officials.

Finally, when the centre is called on for external interventions, for example in schools or regarding policies, I take care of coordinating the interventions and choosing topics and speakers.

I want to build dynamics between research teams

What challenges have been involved in this position?

I want to create a collective dynamic within the centre. I would like the teams to know one another better, so that they can create scientific links and share techniques and tips. In parallel, I want to make sure that the centre is known externally. We are on the ball in many areas; we work with a number of companies in France and abroad. It’s up to us to make that known.

Personally, I would like to continue my research, which I am very committed to, while undertaking my scientific delegate tasks.

What other guidance would you like to give your centre?

Our centre is called Inria Lille - Nord Europe, so it makes sense that our business is focused on Europe. I want to ensure that we are more involved in the definition of European projects, and that we respond effectively to calls for projects funded by Europe.

Another crucial issue for our centre is attracting more research directors. Senior researchers have families, and are thus less flexible to move. It’s now our turn to meet potential candidates, to discuss their projects with them and make them communicate the strengths of our regional centre, including the strong connection we have with the locals, for academic, economic and political reasons.


1992: IT degree at Paris-Sud University

2001-2009: Lecturer at the Université Paris-Sud. Joined Inria in 2002 as a member of the In-Situ team

Since 2009: Research Director at Inria Lille - Nord Europe. Member of the Mint research team.

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