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Mathematics Olympiad 2019

In partnership with the Lille Academy, Inria has received the winners of the Math Olympics for the tenth consecutive year on Wednesday 05 June.

In order to bring mathematics research closer to high schools, Inria is taking action towards young people and developing partnerships with the National Education Department by joining the Mathematics Olympiad.
The objectives of the Olympiads are in line with the values of the institute, which has a policy of active scientific mediation with young people, to make them aware of research in computer science and mathematics and the resulting innovations.
The Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center and the Lille Academy meet for the tenth edition of the Olympiads prize-giving ceremony.
This awards ceremony took place on Wednesday 05 June in the Inria center of Lille. Twenty-seven young people, accompanied by their parents and teachers, were rewarded for their distinction during this 4-hour event held in March.
The celebration was followed by a presentation of applied statistics and ended as each year with a friendship drink.

Some figures for 2019

  • 8393 participants for all 30 participating academies.
  • 724 high school students with 688 participants for the S series, took part in the challenge of the Academic Olympiad of Mathematics.
  • 254 selected copies resulting in 29 winners, 25 for the S series and 4 for the NonS series.
  • A fairly large territorial network for the laureates, with 17 institutions from public education and 12 from private education.
  • 1 laureate of Marcq private high school wins at the national.

Keywords: Education nationale Médiation Éducation Olympiades de mathématiques