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Lionel Seinturier appointed member of the Institut Universitaire de France

Lionel Seinturier © Inria Lionel Seinturier - © Inria

Lionel Seinturier, a Professor at Lille 1 University and a member of the joint LIFL/UMR 8022/CNRS/Lille 1 University/Inria project-team ADAM, has been selected in the 2011 intake of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).

The IUF’s mission is to promote the development of high-level research in universities and to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation. The research lecturers appointed to the institute are chosen for their excellence in their scientific field and their international profile.

Research work

The ADAM team’s research focuses on adaptation in middleware and distributed applications throughout the life cycle of software. Its work concerns adaptive middleware based on advanced software concepts such as component-, aspect- and service-oriented approaches. The software adapts to both large-scale environments and small environments such as mobile phones or sensors.

Lionel Seinturier is also interested in real-time component models. He is one of the main players in the design and implementation of the JAC, Juliac, FAC, AOKell and FraSCAti platforms, which can be accessed via the OW2 open source community. He is also a member of the LIFL’s management team and director of E-Services studies on the Computer Science master’s programme

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