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(*) - 12/01/2018

Isabelle Herlin joins the CESER

On the 22nd December, Inria Lille - Nord Europe Centre Director Isabelle Herlin joined the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of the Hauts-de-France Region (CESER), becoming a member College 1.

The CESER is a consultative assembly which works closely with the Regional Council and, through its opinions, contributes to the administration of the region. Composed of councillors who represent civil society in all its diversity (employer organisations, consular organisations, trade unions, membership and cultural organisations, teaching and research institutions, etc.), the Council conducts studies and advises on major regional issues.
The role of Isabelle Herlin and all of the councillors is therefore to provide the elected members of the Regional Council – and, by extension, all of the region’s players and decision-makers – with the socio-professional world’s analysis and perspectives on all of these issues.

Composition of the assembly: councillors are divided into different colleges

  • College 1: Businesses and self-employed individuals – 38 councillors
  • College 2: Trade Unions – 38 councillors
  • College 3: Collective organisations – 38 councillors
  • College 4: Qualified individuals appointed by the Regional Prefect – 5 councillors

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