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Frédéric Guillou wins the ACM RecSys Challenge!

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Frédéric Guillou, a PhD student working with the Sequel team, has won the recommender systems challenge organized by the ACM RecSys conference.

Taking place every year, RecSys is a major international conference focusing on the field of recommender systems. The eighth annual conference was held between October 6 and 10 at Foster City in Silicon Valley. During a workshop held towards the end of the conference, research teams were invited to compete in a challenge.

Specialists in the application of a sequential approach to recommender systems, the Sequel project team from Inria Lille - Northern Europe (together with Centrale Lille, and Lille University 3*), took part in the challenge, submitting a paper written jointly by four of its members. Frédéric Guillou led the team, which also consisted of Romaric Gaudel, Jérémie Mary, and Philippe Preux.

The theme of the challenge this year was based on evaluation, a key factor used to assess the quality of a recommender system algorithm. The competitors were required to create a model that would classify the tweets of any given Twitter user according to their likely popularity in terms of the number of retweets and favorites.

A total of 225 teams entered the challenge from 50 different countries, and each was required to submit a paper between March 24 and August 17 last year. The aim was to propose the most suitable algorithm to address the challenge that was set. Only 36 of the teams successfully reached the end of the challenge, submitting their results online. These included the eventual winner, Frédéric Guillou, who presented the approach taken by his team during the workshop.

* Joint project with UMR 8146 CNRS-Centrale Lille-Lille1, LAGIS and UMR 8022 CNRS-Lille1-Lille 3-Inria, LIFL.

Keywords: Award Challenge Sequel project team Recommender systems