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The 2014 Forum on Tactile and Gestural Interaction


FITG: Get ready for human-computer interaction

© Boris Rogez

The fourth annual Forum on Tactile and Gestural Interaction (FITG) will be held at Plaine Images on 13 and 14 May 2014, at the Imaginarium in Tourcoing. The event, which was jointly organised by Inria Lille - Nord Europe and Plaine Image, will present a series of talks, while on the floor about thirty demonstrations of human-computer interaction will be on display. Let's take a closer look at the demonstrations in store for us at the event.

The Forum on Tactile and Gestural Interaction (FITG) will take place at the Plaine Image on 13 and 14 May. Three good reasons to attend:

#1 - Because it's THE major event this spring in human-computer interaction

FITG was first organised four years ago. The event was born of the desire to bring together the major players in the field. The intention? To bring the community together in order to create a pleasant and innovative setting for the exchange of ideas. "We wanted to make the FITG an inviting venue. We didn't want a big hall where the people would be partitioned off from each other, because we are all one community", explained Yohann Rogez, in charge of partnerships and innovation projects at the Inria Platform and co-organiser of the event since its initial launch. This meeting affords the opportunity to bring together a community made up of diverse industry players; whether users, manufacturers, laboratories, engineers or students.

We wanted to make the FITG  an inviting venue. We didn't want a big hall where the people would be partitioned off from each other, because we are all one community.

FITG is the first free showroom to exhibit the technologies involved in Tactile and Gestural interfaces, and the uses to which they are put. The project, under the aegis of the Regional Council and the Lille Métropole Urban Community, makes the region a driving force in the development of Tactile and Gestural Interaction.

The forum offers a series of high-level talks, as well as an area dedicated to diverse demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies. Last year, FITG featured about forty demonstrations and attracted roughly 500 visitors.

#2 - Because there will be a wealth of demonstrations, each more fascinating than the last

This year, the demonstration area will offer about thirty interactive demonstrations of all types, dealing with:

  • Interactive terminals and multi-touch tables
  • Portable and mobile interfaces, like tablets and smartphones
  • Artistic demonstrations from all sorts of disciplines, with the focus on music, art and the reinvention of works of art, or on animation for young audiences
  • Remote gestural interfaces
  • Tangible control, which means manipulating objects on an interface to create the interaction
  • Finally, a series of demonstrations will be presented that don't fit into any clear category, each more surprising than the last, such as interactive mirrors and holograms

#3 - Because all the players from the world of tactile and gestural interaction will be there

FITG is an open event, but not one designed for the "general public". The point of the event is to foster the creation of new value between the major players in human-computer interaction.  Nonetheless, the crowd is expected to be a broad cross-section of the industry, with representatives of institutions, laboratories, students, those more involved in economics, etc.

As for those demonstrating, they come for the main part from businesses and research laboratories. You will also have the chance to meet students presenting their final projects, as well as equipment manufacturers showing off their latest products.


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