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David Simplot-Ryl, Director of the Inria Lille-Nord Europe Research Centre awarded the Kuhlmann Grand Prix

David Simplot-Ryl has been awarded the Kuhlmann Grand Prix 2014, further to a unanimous vote at the Société des Science, de l’Agriculture et des Arts de Lille (SSAAL). 

Kuhlmann Grand Prix

The Société des Sciences, de l'Agriculture et des Arts de Lille is a learned society founded in 1802 with around fifty members. Its aim is to study and promote science, literature, fine arts, agriculture and industry.

Through its monthly conferences, the society continues to reflect upon developments of knowledge in its different areas of interest. Each year, during a formal sitting, it awards a dozen prizes in the fields of science, literature and arts.

The most prestigious prize is the Kuhlmann Grand Prix, which was founded in 1882: it is awarded in recognition of "discoveries or research concerning scientific progress or research applications, accomplished in the Norddépartementin France".

The formal sitting will be held on 17 October in the Cassin de la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Sociales in Lille.

Prize winners

The most recent winners of the Kuhlmann Grand Prix awarded by SSAAL:

2005 Jean-Claude Michalski (Inserm)
2006 Christian Sergheraert (Université Lille 2)
2007 Alain Cappy (Université Lille 1)
2008 Jean-Claude Beauvillain (Inserm)
2009 Pierre Desreumaux (Université Lille 2)
2010 Gérard Strecker (CNRS)
2011 André Mortreux (Université Lille 1)
2012 Jean-Paul Delahaye (Université Lille 1)
2013 Camille Locht (Inserm)
2014 David Simplot-Ryl (Inria)

David Simplot-Ryl

David Simplot-Ryl is a computer science professor at the Université de Lille 1, he is currently seconded to Inria as Director of the Lille-Nord Europe research centre. For several years he has contributed to the development of research activities into digital science, by forging close ties with the economic sector, namely through competitiveness clusters.

A member of the Institut Universitaire de France since 2009, he managed the POPS project team (joint project team with input from Inria, the Université Lille 1 and CNRS from 2004 to 2011) that studied small objects known as ‘POPS’ (Portable Objects Proved to be Safe), such as smart cards, RFID tags or communicating sensors. With his team, he helped set up a platform for sensor networks - SensLab - that resulted in EquipEx  FIT - Future Internet (of Things).

From 2008 to 2011, in parallel to his research, he was scientific delegate at the Inria research centre Lille - Nord Europe, where he was tasked with the development and assessment of research activities conducted at the centre and was auditor at the Institut des Hautes Etudes pour la Science et les TEchnologies (IHEST – year group, Benoit Mandelbrot 2010-2011).

He is particularly committed to regional entities such as CITC-EuraRFIS, where he is Chairman (since 2013); PICOM where he sits on the governing council (since 2011) and the strategy council (since 2013); the pôle Ubiquitaire where he sits on the steering committee (since 2011); and Nord France Amorçage where he is deputy chairman (since 2013).  He also supported the candidature of Métropole Européenne de Lille for a Métropole French Tech label through the partnership-based project "Lille is French Tech".

Keywords: Société des sciences de l'agriculture et des arts de Lille Inria Lille - Nord Europe David Simplot-Ryl Award