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Different ways to collaborate with Inria

© Inria / Photo J. Wallace

While there are a number of technological building blocks developed by the research teams that could match the needs of businesses, it is still critical to adapt and stabilize them and sometimes to train companies in their use.

How can we work with an Inria research team?

Collaboration can take many forms, depending on the requirements of the company.

For all types of collaboration, the business, the Innovation and Partnerships Transfer Department and the participating researchers work together to define the requirements, schedule, and expected results. The contract duration varies according to the nature of the issues being tackled. Inria has its own legal staff with expertise in contract and intellectual property law who will draw up the contracts that are needed in these types of collaborative projects.

Examples of collaborations between Inria and businesses

Here are some recent collaborations involving research teams from Inria Lille – Nord Europe:

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