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SHOC/NON-A Post Seminar

Non-A Post Team organise a seminar on its UCoCoS project (Understanding and Controlling of Complex Systems) on Thursday, April 19th from 2 pm to 4 pm in the Amphi at Inria.

  • Date : 19/04/2018

The objectives of UCoCoS are to create a control-oriented framework for complex systems, and to define a common language, common methods, tools and software for the complexity scientist. Moreover, as the first training network on the theme, UCoCoS aims at i) creating a closely connected new generation of leading European scientists, capable of designing network structures and policies to affect the networks, and ii) initiating long-term partnerships and collaboration mechanisms leading to sustainable doctoral training.

The UCoCoS approach builds on recent developments in three domains (control, computer science, mechanical engineering) and stems from the identification of a unique combination of expertise within the consortium. Every ESR performs a cutting-edge project, strongly relying on the complementary expertise of the three academic beneficiaries and benefiting from training by non-academic partners from three different sectors.

Programm :

2:00 Analytical and numerical bifurcation analysis of delay-coupled systems
 Kirill Rogov, TU/e (Netherlands) and KUL (Belgium)
3:45 Grip on partial synchronization in delay-coupled networks
 Libo Su, KUL (Belgium) and TU/e (Netherlands)

Keywords: UCoCoS