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Forum Numérique 2067

In 2017, Inria celebrates its 50th anniversary! On October 5, 2017 we'll have the occasion to imagine, debate and share our points of view with experts from diverse backgrounds on the role of digital technology in our society in 2067.

  • Date : 5/10/2017
  • Place : Plaine Images, Tourcoing

Exploring 4 worlds through digital sciences

The Inria Lille – Nord Europe research center and Plaine Images are offering the opportunity to explore four worlds:   


Tomorrow, a world without work thanks to robots? Or because of robots? What will be the status of the worker in the digital world of 2067? Will workers be constantly moving to where jobs are available? All independent? 


How will digital advances affect health and medicine in the future? Will our bodies be augmented with technology, as the transhumanists think? Does or can digital technology have harmful effects on our physical and mental health? Or can it provide care without medicine?


What role will virtual reality and e-sports play in our leisure activities? Will the future include Olympic video games? Digital arts and crafts: new hobbies? The role of digital technology in leisure activities: inseparable? concrete or virtual?


What consequences will digital technology have on the environment? What impact on transport and energy? Will it be possible to program the climate?

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