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The 14 th European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning

The  14th European workshop on Reinforcement Learning will be organised by SequeL Team. This workshop will be held from 1st to 3rd october at ENSAM in Lille.

  • Date : 1/10/2018 to 3/10/2018
  • Place : ENSAM, 8 boulevard Louis XIV 59800 Lille

The 14th European workshop on reinforcement learning (EWRL 2018) invites reinforcement learning researchers to participate in the revival of this world-class event. We plan to make this an exciting event for researchers worldwide, not only for the presentation of top quality papers but also as a forum for ample discussion of open problems and future research directions. EWRL 2018 will consist of 3+ tutorials (yes!), 10+ keynote talks, contributed paper presentations, discussion sessions spread over a three-day period, and a poster session.

Reinforcement learning is an active field of research which deals with the problem of sequential decision making in unknown (and often) stochastic and/or partially observable environments. Recently there has been a wealth of both impressive empirical results, as well as significant theoretical advances. Both types of advances are of significant importance and we would like to create a forum to discuss such interesting results.

The workshop will cover a range of sub-topics including (but not limited to):

  • Exploration/Exploitation
  • Function approximation in RL
  • Theoretical aspects of RL
  • Policy search methods
  • Empirical evaluations in RL
  • Kernel methods for RL
  • Partial observable RL
  • Bayesian RL
  • Multi-agent RL
  • Risk-sensitive RL
  • Financial RL
  • Knowledge Representation in RL
  • Neural RL

Keywords: Machine learning Deep learning Reinforcement learning Autonomous