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Business Mornings at the Plateau

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Don’t missBusiness Mornings at the Plateau, every month from 9:00 am to 10:00 am at the Inria Plateau at Euratechnologies. An Inria research team will be there to meet businesses from the region to promote technology transfer to the regional ecosystem. Come and meet up with the Spirals team at the Plateau on February 19 to discuss crowd-sensing, cloud computing and energy monitoring.

  • Date : 19/02/2015
  • Place : Plateau Inria, Euratechnologies, Lille

The must-attend R&D event

The year 2015 sees the return of Inria’sBusiness Mornings at the Plateau! Every month, these mornings give you a chance to discover the latest technological developments by Inria’s research teams, and how they could help you.

Whether you are a young company, start-up or regional SME - we want to help you meet your market requirements and develop your business. Innovation can provide the necessary leverage to meet your needs, and we will do our best to find solutions to the software R&D problems that you encounter.

Inria Lille - Nord Europe has an active policy of partnership and technology transfer to innovative businesses. Our institute is closely involved in the region’s economic fabric through competitiveness clusters and regional centers of excellence. The Inria Plateau is a unique research demonstration site, designed to foster interaction between research and industry, and promote sustainable industrial transfer.

On the agenda: Cloud computing, BigData, optimization, human-machine interactions, software engineering, crowd-sensing tools, innovation in mobile applications (improved software quality, especially with approaches rooted in artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimization), etc.

We will be pleased to answer questions and share thoughts with you at the end of each presentation.

At the heart of software science with the Spirals team

Lionel Seinturier © Inria Lionel Seinturier - © Inria

The show opens on Thursday February 19, with the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Spirals team (joint team with the University of Lille 1*), which is specialized in distributed systems and middleware.

Come and meet team leader Lionel Seinturier and hear him speak on a number of topics, including crowd-sensing, cloud computing, energy monitoring, and mobile application debugging.

* Joint Research Unit 9189 - CNRS-Centrale Lille-Université Lille1, CRIStAL.

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