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"Artificial Intelligence in futures industry" conference

Organised as a part of "Regional Meeting of Research and Innovation" this conference have for aim "Predictive maintenance, Multi-agent system, Big-data: How artificial inteligence revolutionize industry". 2 Inria's researcher are invited at this conference.

  • Date : 21/11/2018
  • Place : SERRE NUMERIQUE - 2 rue Péclet Parc des Rives Créatives - 59308 Valenciennes Cedex

From self-driving car to facial recognition include medical diagnosis and artistic creation, artificial inteligence has this last years growth in a spectacular way. Artifical inteligence would be one of the decade issue in the majority of economical sector. Between questioning and admiration, companies needs to apprehend artifical inteligence like one of the main issues for increase economical growth.

Come and see how artificial intelligence has an impact on numerical creation profession.

"Predictive maintenance,Multi-agent system,Big-data: How artificial inteligence revolutionize industry" conference

November 22, 5:45pm - 8pm

Hosted by Antoine SABBAGH


- Testimonies of artificial intelligence researcher and SMEs having integrated the solutions of Artificial Intelligence
- A demonstration of their projects, the added value and their impact on the companies jobs.

Speakers :    

  • Olivier DENGIS : Operations Manager, I- CARE WEB
  • Cosme SOMOGYI : Researcher
  • François WATTIEZ : CEO I- CARE France
  • Emmanuel ADAM : AFIA member  (Association Française de l’Intelligence Artificielle) LAMIH researcher
  • Cristian Preda : Researcher from Inria's Lille center in the Modal project-team (common with CNRS and Université de Lille*)
  • Quentin Grimonprez : InriaTECH Transfer engineer

* within Joint Research Unit 8524 CNRS-Lille1, Paul Painlevé Laboratory, and the EA 2694 "Public Health: epidemiology and quality of care" of Université de Lille

Keywords: Serre Numérique Conference AI