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The "Centre de Conception du Logiciel" (CCL), on the GIANT campus in Grenoble, brings together a unique gathering of experts for chip design, conception of embedded software and testing on real prototypes. It provides the infrastructure for collaboration between software and microelectronics researchers on developing future powerful, reconfigurable, adaptable and dependable digital systems while reducing their energy consumption.

A unique gathering of skills ...

The CCL accommodates Inria research teams forming the new Grenoble GIANT Inria branch, CEA Tech teams, the teams of the CRI (Centre de Recherche Intégrative), as well as groups from industrial companies, spin-offs and offices of companies providing industrial design, programming, chip qualification, digital platform and embedded system-on-a-chip tools and expertise.

It covers the whole chain of skills necessary for the development of a smart integrated embedded system, from advanced microelectronics technologies to the architecture, the design of the circuits, the programming and optimisation of the embedded software and the evaluation of the digital system.

The CCL is a five-level, 2900 square-metre services building adjacent to the Maison MINATEC meeting centre. It comprises:

  • a ground floor distributing the main accesses to the building and an event space able to accommodate up to 540 persons
  • levels 1, 2 and 3 consisting of offices accommodating up to 140 persons
  • level 4 consisting of the flat roof of the extension, including fluid utilities equipment rooms.

... for the design of digital systems on chips

Chip end-user companies will now have access to:

  • unique expertise on the design of circuits dedicated to ultra-low-consumption technologies (e.g. FDSOI* technology)
  • unique expertise on software-on-a-chip design and software/hardware integration for the production of digital systems on chips
  • programmable digital platforms already produced with FDSOI technology and additional components on the chip (imagers, sensors, controllers, microwave, etc.)
  • resources for practically-immediate testing of their prototypes.

* FDSOI technology enables the fabrication of digital circuits combining very high computing power with moderate consumption.

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