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Marie Collin - 8/10/2014

Vincent Roca receives an award for his industrial transfer work

Remise 3eme prix FIEEC 2014 à Vincent Roca, chercheur Inria - Photo: DR FIEEC © Inria

Vincent Roca, a researcher with the Privatics team, has received the third FIEEC 2014 Applied Research award for his work on industrial transfer towards the French SME Expway, which specializes in broadcasting services such as live television and datacasting via IP and mobile networks.

Co-author of the Flute protocol and its related software – used in the very large-scale distribution of multimedia files (several million users) without causing network saturation – as well as the LDPC-Staircase FEC erasure codes, Vincent Roca has been working with the Expway SME for the last nine years in order to improve the reliability of large-scale multimedia content broadcasting systems on light mobile terminals (smartphone, tablet). Drawing on Vincent Roca’s expertise, Expway has been able to concentrate on the commercial production, industrial standardization and international marketing of a new, efficient and competitive solution for the distribution of multimedia services on IP and mobile networks.

The FIEEC Applied Research award, established by the FIEEC (French Federation of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Industries) in 2011, aims to encourage closer collaboration between academic researchers and SME/mid-tier companies through the attribution of an award to researchers whose technological projects have entered the commercial production stage at one of these companies. It is organized in partnership with the Carnot Institutes network, F2I (French Fund for Innovation in Industry), Centrale-Supélec, BPIFrance, ANR (French National Research Agency) and Axon’Cable.