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SAMSON reaches 1000 beta testers worldwide

Representation of a molecule using the Samson software - Inria/Nano D

SAMSON, a software platform designed to study and prototype nanosystems, developed by the Nano-D research team, has reached 1000 beta testers worldwide. The new version has been available since 23 May 2017. In light of its increasing popularity among professionals in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and nanosciences, SAMSON users and developers will come together from 23 to 30 June in Lyon to receive training and learn to develop their own modules.

Developed by Inria's Nano-D research team, SAMSON, the new version of which has been available since 23 May 2017, has been met with increasing interest among users and developers in nanosciences, and has reached the milestone of 1000 beta testers worldwide. Thanks to its generic and modular architecture, SAMSON can be configured to meet the needs of users and developers. The development kit, SAMSON SDK, which enables new Apps to be created to extend the functionalities of the software, with new editors, additional graphical representations, etc., SAMSON and its modules, SAMSON Elements, can be downloaded from SAMSON Connect at

Keywords: Nanosciences Samson Molecules