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Florence Polge-Cohen - 21/10/2016

Protect your privacy and the Web economy : test MyTrackingChoices new extension for Firefox

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The Privatics research team developed « MyTrackingChoices » application, an adblocker that allows users to better control how they are tracked online. A Firefox extension is now available.

Designed to protect both the user's privacy and economic model of the Web (that keeps website contents free) MyTrackingChoices allows users to better control their profile and to limit targeted ads to chosen subjects. This project goal is to show to advertising and publishing companies that it would be possible to have a free Web, financed by ads, while respecting Internet users' choices in terms of protection of their privacy.

Jagdish Achara, PhD in Privatics team

« The existing ad-blocking tools (or « adblockers ») block all ads, which has a negative impact for the Web economy since ads ensure free contents or services. So, we developed a new Firefox entension which offers a better balance between user privacy and economy.  With our solution,  users can choose on which categories of web pages or websites they don’t want to be tracked on and receive ads.  So, for example, they can choose to block the trackers (and so the targeted ads) on websites related to "health" or "religion" but may choose not to block the trackers on websites related to "sports" or "news" (and so to be tracked). The economic model of Internet is preserved while respecting users' choices. This is a win-win approach. »

« Now we would like to evaluate our approach and know if  our proposal is viable in a large scale. We would like to identify what are the categories of websites that users decide to block, how many categories a user blocks on average  and what will be the impact of our solution for the Web economy. By respecting users' choices, publishing companies can set up a trust relationship and improve the quality and price of ads. So we want to promote quality over quantity !»

In conclusion,  protect your privacy and help our research by installing the new Firefox extension of MyTrackingChoices...

To contribute :

Firefox add-on can be installed from Mozilla Add-ons Page. Then, you have to configure your tracking choices.
For any questions or comments on the application, visit MyTrackingChoices's website

A Google Chrome extension is also available.

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