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Vanessa Peregrin - 10/12/2010

Prize awarded at the 2010 Mathematical Olympiad

Remise Prix Olympiades Maths

François Sillion presented the first prize for the 2010 Mathematical Olympiad to the winner of the Grenoble educational district.

For this new edition of the Mathematical Olympiad, a national competition open to sixth form students, Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes teamed up with the local education authority of Grenoble by awarding first prize for the Grenoble educational district to the 2010 winner.

On Friday, 10 December, François Sillon, Head of the Research Centre, presented a professional-quality laptop computer to Sergio Vega, a science student from the Lycée Europole. Five students from establishments within the Grenoble educational district were rewarded for their results: Sergio Vega, Sophie Zang, Nicolas Tollenaere, Cédric Vignal and Aude Casejuane.

Marie-Paule Cani (teacher at the polytechnic institute of Grenoble, leader of the "Evasion" joint project-team with LJK and Inria) gave a lecture on the topic of "Hidden mathematics in virtual worlds".

To bring the world of mathematics research closer to secondary schools, Inria implements initiatives targeting young people and develops partnerships with the national education authority, particularly by teaming up with the Mathematical Olympiad. The objectives of the Olympiad have a special resonance with Inria, since the institute pursues an active policy with young people to develop their interest in sciences and to raise their awareness of research in computer science and mathematics and the innovations stemming from these disciplines, such as the Internet, mobile phones, smart cards, etc.


Keywords: François Sillion Olympiades de mathématiques Lycée International de Grenoble François Charlon Marie-Paule Cani Sergio Vega Rectorat Inria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes